This HST policy is for the HST Computer Consultation & Support Request web form located at http://hub.ahc.umn.edu/ahc-information-systems/request-service-forms. The following are guidelines for submitting and processing Computer Consultation & Support Requests.


  • The request gets placed into the 'Pending Approval' queue.
  • The request is sent to the requesters Departmental Approver via a confirmation email. The Departmental Approver is prompted to login to I5, http://i5.ahc.umn.edu to view and approve or deny the request.
  • Denied requests, go into Completed queue and is flagged as Denied. Denied requests cannot be re-opened. Approved requests, go into Approved (not completed) queue.
  • Expired requests, A confirmation e-mail is sent once a week for 30 days until request is approved or denied, after which point the request moves to the completed queue and is flagged as expired. An email is also sent out to the requester, user, supervisor, and approver to notify of expiration.
  • Once Approved an HST Staff will evaluate the request and determine next steps.
  • HST Staff may contact you to get more information if needed or contact the vendor directly or A Field Technician may be dispatched to gather more information or to do a formal evaluation of the computer or HST staff determine the computer can not be added to support and will contact you with alternative solutions.
  • If HST Staff determine the device can be added to support the device will be added via imaging or consulting directly with the vendor if imaging is not feasible.
  • When a request is approved or denied, an automatic e-mail is sent to the requester, requester's supervisor, and the requester's departmental approver notifying them of the approval or denial.

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